History of Our Church

St. John's Faith Church UCC began on June 4, 2000 when Faith Church and St. John Church merged.  In the UCC yearbook we are only14 years old and will soon celebrate our 15th anniversary.  Both churches have a history with the German Evangelical and Reformed churches until they joined with the Congregational and Christian churches in 1957 to become a new denomination called the United Church of Christ.  Our present church was built in 1957 and has no stairs.  We are a small group of some 160 people and have a wonderful choir, organist/pianist, and a great group of children for our Sunday school.  Our worship service would be considered a traditional worship style.  However, our we are somewhat lively and our pastor can be humorous at times.  Please come and see what we are about.  If you do, you'll be back!